Small Steps Project is a humanitarian organisation and UK registered charity supporting children and their families on rubbish dumps.

100% of public donations is spent on shoes and emergency aid!

We are dedicated to supporting children around the world who live on rubbish dumps and survive from scavenging. We aim to raise awareness, through film, of the unacceptable hardships that they face.

We deliver shoes, hygiene kits and emergency aid to protect children in the dump environment, followed by sustainable solutions to enable children to take small steps off rubbish dumps and into education. Find out more about Small Steps Project and contact us here.


The Small Steps vision is of…


Providing all children and families who live or work on municipal rubbish dumps and landfill sites with shoes and aid that will enable them to take small steps out of poverty.


Linking with locally established NGOs to cement a network of all projects working to improve the wellbeing of children living and working on landfills or scavenging for survival.


Improving global awareness of international waste systems and the human rights violations encountered by waste scavengers, through documentary films.


Your donation will help us to provide shoes & emergency aid for barefoot children scavenging on dangerous landfill sites around the world.