About Celebrity Shoes

Beginning in 2010, the Small Steps Project Celebrity Shoe Auction has quickly become the biggest in the world! From international rock stars to television personalities, over 200 celebrities have taken a small steps by donating their shoes.

The online auction takes place each a year, so anyone can be in with the chance of bidding on their favourite celebrity’s shoes. We slowly release new celebrities throughout the year, so please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for all the latest information on the 2014 auction!

We also hold a live event and auction bi-yearly where some of the Celebrities themselves appear to auction their own shoes. These star studded events are also a time for us to raise awareness about the charity and show why this cause is so important. We screen our latest documentaries and hold photography exhibitions so we can not only raise funds but also create awareness as to why this fundraiser and the work that we is so important.

Why celebrity shoes?

The idea came right from the start when Small Steps Project first began. When we visited  our first dump in Cambodia, back in 2009, we asked the families living on the dump what they needed most. Shoes was the overwhelming answer. The conditions that the families work in meant that, without appropriate shoes, they were constantly suffering from severe injuries on their feet. But to provide shoes, we needed funds.

This is where the idea for the celebrity shoe auction came into being. There is a significant inequality between the richest and poorest in the world, and this can be seen even in the simplest things such as shoes. While there are children in the world living with no shoes in the harshest conditions and the greatest need, there are celebrities getting free shoes from lavish designers worth hundreds of dollars that they might only wear once on a red carpet or event but certainly not to protect their feet.

However it also become clear that celebrities are a particular generous breed. The combination of using their celebrity profile  to raise awareness and taking a small step by giving  away something surplus helps in a small way to rebalance and help. We told them of the plight, and they gave us what we asked for. And are continuing to do so today, from fresh new celebrities taking a step for the first time, to our continued donors who have donated repeatedly from the very beginning. A full list of all the celebrities who have taken part can be accessed here.

Small Steps Project celebrity shoe auction: A History


Amy hanson thur 11 Nov 2011 024 copy2010

In November 2010, due to the breathtaking response of several Australian businesses, newspapers and individuals, Small Steps combined with Bongiorno, an Australian Financial Services company, to host the first Celebrity Shoe Auction at The National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.

The event was overwhelmingly successful with several Australian A-listers donating their shoes to go under the hammer. These included Prime Minister Julia Gillard, and Ricky Ponting whose shoes contributed to a total of £7,500. These funds were essential and enabled Small Steps to deliver aid to the first dump community that we worked with.

2011small steps celebrity shoe auction_0229

The 2011 celebrity shoe auction was the first fundraiser held in the UK. Thanks to The Royal Society of Medicine who gave us use of their fantastic atrium and cinema for the event.

We auctioned 12 pairs of celebrity shoes live, this included supermodel Kate Moss, Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker and Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher!

The live event also kicked off an online auction where 66 further celebrities shoes were auctioned. Take a look at the list of celebrities that took part here. The live and online auctioned raised a combined total of over £20,000!




By 2012 the shoe auction had gained national recognition, and proved ever more successful than previous years. The live auction took place at the Jalouse Club and had over 350 people in attendance. The event also included a film screening of ‘Next Steps‘ and a photographic exhibition.

Ben Stiller, Keira Knightly and Kevin Bacon represented the world of movies, Fearne Cotton the radio and Elizabeth Hurley fashion. These celebrities and more came together by donating their shoes to the auction.

The online auction saw the sale of over 50 celebrities shoes, and it raised even more funds than before, so that we were able to begin creating long-term solutions for children and their families living on dumps. This auction grew the project so that it no longer simply delivered emergency aid, but began putting steps in place to help children into education.



In 2013 the auction went international, seeing celebrities from all over Europe, The States and Australia taking a small step by donating their shoes.

The campaign began at Glastonbury festival, where Small Step Project became one of the festival’s ‘Worthy Causes’. Celebrities were falling over themselves to donate their shoes, including the Rolling Stones, Professor Green, Rita Ora and Kenny Rogers.

By the time the auction began online in December 2013 over 120 celebrities had donated their shoes! This included music legends Madonna, Elton John, Kylie Minogue and Eminem. Alongside Movie stars George Clooney, Kate Winslet, Natalie Portman and Dame Helen Mirren. Stars from the fashion world began with Kate Moss to Naomi Campbell and sport stars Roger Federer to footballer Gerard Pique.

The auction raised over $83,000 for the charity!


The 2014 Small Steps Project #CelebrityShoeAuction was another HUGE success, raising £43,573 for our project work. 115 celebrities took a small step by donating their shoes this year, and every single pair was as eclectic as ever.

Our winner this year was possibly unsurprising – the One Direction boys topped the charts in the auction raising £8,680!

Close on their heels though were actors (and heartthrobs) Benedict Cumberbatch and our 2013 winner Tom Hiddleston.

This year was the first time the auction took place in categories, beginning with FILM, raising £6518 with only 18 movie stars. Next up was music. There were 44 pairs in this category, and it raised a whopping £18,951. Then there was sport, which included the fastest man in the world Usain Bolt, and no.1 golfer Rory McIllory – all together raising £6635. Last but not least was the Finale, auctioning shoes worn by the best from fashion and entertainment. This raised a brilliant £11,266.

Many thanks for Sellebrity Auction who managed the auction this year.