Clifton School kids choose Small Steps again!

Posted by | October 26, 2017 | Fundraisers | No Comments

This year, Clifton School and Nursery decided to choose us again as their year’s nursery and they managed to raise the amazing sum of £5,815.07!!

This time, the children chose as fundraising events  a Great Clifton Olympic Bake Off, in which children and parents worked together on sport-themed treats, and the Clifton Christmas Market. You can get find more info here.

We are so pleased to have Clifton kids on our side, thank you for such an amazing work and for choosing us again!

Clifton School and Nursery is a happy, thriving school for children aged 3-8. We are an IAPS and HMC Junior school for girls and boys, situated in the heart of York, offering a warm welcome into the St Peter’s School family.