Corporate Partners

Small Steps Project does not receive any government funding. We rely entirely on the generosity of public donations, which pays for the aid we distribute. So the support we receive from companies makes a huge difference; it enables us to create sustainable projects that get more children off dumps and into education- now and in the long term.

We profoundly thank the following companies for their incredible support. Without it we simply would be unable to care for so many children, or plan to help even greater numbers.




The Royal Society of Medicine has supported the project in many aspects of its development in both advisory and practical roles.  The Global Health Department has offered the project advice and support as it has grown from a grassroots project into an established charity.

Its Global Health Department has assisted us with mentoring and publicity as well us allowing us to use its premises for meetings.

The RSM also allowed us to use its fantastic venue, Number One Wimpole Street to hold our annual fundraiser, film premiere and Celebrity Shoe Auction.

The RSM also exhibited our photography exhibition in their Auchi Foyer.

The extent to which the RSM has helped the project in all these capacities has had a huge impact on the charity and its development, its support has not only helped us create awareness and learn from its experience and knowledge but allowing us to use its facilities not only to plan but to hold our fundraiser meant that we were able to raise the profile and vital funds for the charity.


First Mile provides easy recycling and waste collection services for 10,000 businesses in London and Birmingham. We are passionate about recycling and nothing goes to landfill. We achieve very high recycling rates and all of our operations are certified carbon neutral.

Bruce Bratley, First Mile’s Founder said: ‘First Mile are delighted to support Small Steps and its work to help families living in poverty on landfill sites around the world. We were keen to support a waste related charity and are delighted to support Small Steps with both funding and with our knowledge of waste and recycling. We look forward to working with Small Steps to raise awerness and deliver aid directly and by linking with other NGOs to families living on landfill sites.’

‘We have been looking for some time to get involved in a charity that highlights the need for developing countries to address the waste that development brings. We are pleased to be supporting Small Steps because they highlight a growing problem whilst also delivering practical solution.’

Check out the work of First Mile on their new film, which features how they have helped with the work of Small Steps Project.

Scott Dunn  is a luxury tour operator with over 30 years’ experience in tailor-made holidays worldwide. Passionate about travel and the destinations in which it specialises, Scott Dunn believes that tour operators have a responsibility to respect and conserve economic, environmental and socio-cultural balances. To maximise the benefits that tourism can bring to a destination, whilst trying to limit the harm to the environment, Scott Dunn set up a charitable fund to support community-based projects in areas of the world that many of its guests visit.

Andrew Dunn, Scott Dunn’s founder commented: “As part of our charitable fund, we are proud to support the Small Steps Project for the first time this year. We believe that in providing the small yet vital items we can all take for granted, the charity really makes a huge difference to the day-to-day lives of children living in poverty.”

Scott Dunn contacted Small Steps Project as their company organises luxury holidays in many of the countries where SSP delivers aid projects and to give something back. They have made an incredibly generous donation so that we can help the poorest communities in those countries. SSP thinks it is fantastic that Scott Dunn really cares about the people in the countries they visit. They also support the project on their website along with several other charities which you can see here.

Scott Dunn has also helped us by sponsoring our next steps of providing nursery provision and day centres for scavenger and dump children because, “At Scott Dunn we believe that all children enjoy the same simple pleasures, and given a space where they can make new friends, learn new skills and explore their imaginations, they can have experiences they will remember.  This is true for the children who use our kids’ clubs on their holidays and through the donation we have made to Small Steps we hope it can be true for the children who live on the rubbish dumps of Cambodia.”

Imagine Travel is a luxury tour operator specialising in tailor-made holidays to the Far East. They are passionate about travel and decided to support Small Steps in order to give something back to some of the local communities their clients visit.

“Travelling gives us a great insight into different cultures around the world, how locals live in environments that are completely different from our own, and indeed the troubles people face in some of the less developed countries. By supporting Small Steps’ project in Cambodia we hope to be able to make a real difference to the lives of children in Phnom Penh, who have had to rely on scavenging from rubbish dumps in order to survive.”

Baba+Boo is a planet friendly baby store specialising in reusable nappies. They are a mission-led business passionate about keeping nappies away from landfill. Since they started their business in 2010, they have stopped 15 million nappies going to landfill.

Baba+Boo founder, Eve Bell says “after stumbling across the Small Steps Project website, the team gathered around the desk in tears looking at the shocking photos of babies on the rubbish dumps. All of our work at Baba+Boo is about keeping nappies out of rubbish dumps and it felt like the perfect way to combine our values with the profile that Real Nappy Week gives cloth nappies and to do some good at the same time”

Each year Baba+Boo donate 15% of their Real Nappy Week sales to Small Steps Project. Eve continues “Baba+Boo are a business that cares, we want to make a difference wherever we’re able to and working with Small Steps Project fits with our ethos, we have a natural synergy as we’re both trying to make a difference to the world we live in”.

At My Gumboots we are proud to be the first company to divert chewing gum waste from landfill by recycling the gum to make a new material Gum-tec®. We use this to manufacture Gum-tec® Gumboots. Wellington boots made with recycled chewing gum!

As part of our quest to divert waste gum from landfill we want to improve the lives of children and famililes who have found themselves living in the squalid conditions of landfill sites. To do this we have partnered with Small Steps Project.

With every Gum-tec® Gumboots purchase made, we will send a pair of Gum-tec® Gumboots to a child living on the Cluj Rubbish Dump in Romania.

“We are very excited to partner with Small Steps Project and to have the opportunity to share the Small Steps vision. We hope that our partnership will go a long way in contributing to lives that need it the most, in turn helping to create a cleaner, greener environment.” – Anna Bullus: Founder and MD at Gumdrop Ltd

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Vodafone’s World of Difference UK programme gives 500 people the chance to work for their dream charity, and get paid. Over the years we’ve helped hundreds of people donate their skills and experience to the charities of their choice.

For successful applicants the Vodafone Foundation will provide their chosen charity with £2500, with the winner receiving the balance as a salary after NI and tax have been paid. Placements can be full-time for two months or part-time for four months (minimum 15 hours a week).

In 2011 Hannah Hughes won the award for Small Steps Project but there is no limit on how many people apply but each individual may only apply for one charity.


The Bongiorno Group opened its doors in 1964 and since then have proudly helped thousands of medical, dental and high net worth individuals grow, manage and protect their wealth. They are one of Australia’s leading financial services organisations.

‘At the Bongiorno Group, we know that people make the world go round. That’s why we have always supported the wider community and chosen to be involved in a range of different community initiatives. We believe that Amy’s Small Steps project is an amazing initiative and we are proud to have been able to help her put shoes on the feet of children in Cambodia.’

In 2010, after reading about the very first project in the Australian Press, The Bongiorno group invited and flew Small Steps CEO, Amy Hanson, over to Australia to speak at their New Horizons Conference in Sydney. They then organised the first ever Celebrity Shoe Auction in Melbourne, at the National Gallery of Victoria. Bongiorno were the first company to support the project with their corporate responsibility. They helped in all aspects of the project; creating awareness, raising vital funds, advising and supporting every aspect of what was at the time, a tiny grass roots project. Small Steps Project would not be the charity it is today had the Bongiorno Group not taken the lead in supporting us.  


Emperor Tours are one of the UK’s leading independent tour operators specialising in package holidays to the Far East. Established in 2004, Emperor Tours has gained an unrivalled reputation for the service and quality provided in arranging holidays. Beginning with China they have expanded over the years into Japan, Vietnam,Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Mongolia. Every destination they offer has been visited and explored by our staff who can give first-hand advice based on their personal experiences. When booking your holiday you want to know you are in capable hands and that you are dealing with people who really know what they are talking about.

Emperor Tours are partners of the Safe Haven Children’s Trust who introduced Emperor Tours to Small Steps.  We gratefully received their donation of return flights to Cambodia in August 2013.

Richard Todd, from Emperor Tours said, “When visiting these countries the one thing that is apparent is how friendly and welcoming the people, especially the children, are. Having a young child of my own I understand and appreciate how important it is to provide a loving and safe environment for children to grow. This however is not always possible, especially in countries with low income and living standards. Although tourism brings extra income into the economy, this does not always reach the people who need it most, the children. Therefore being involved with organisations who deal directly with these children, such as Small Steps and Safe Haven, it will help them to grow and succeed in life.”


Plain Jane Events is a creative and passionate events company dedicated to producing exceptional events for anyone that likes to party. Working with corporate and private clients alike we can bring your imagination to life anywhere in the world.

Company Director, Alex Smith says, ‘SSP is a fantastic charity, young, focused and full of the drive and determination needed to make the world a better place. When we heard about the event at the RSM, we knew it was the ideal way to get involved with the charity and help make a difference. We are so excited we were able to help organise an event that raised so much money for the kids of the dumps and know the money would be going to them directly. Bring on the next one!’


In 2013, Glastonbury invited Small Steps Project to be a part of the festival.  Our documentaries were screened throughout the weekend and we were permitted Access All Areas passes to film and photograph celebrities performing and donating their shoes.  The festival was just before a planned trip to Romania to distribute boots and so we set up a welly boot drop off in the Kidz field to collect children’s boots to take with us.  The Festival Recycling Crew also recruited volunteers who worked as litter pickers raising money for Small Steps.  It was a great weekend and a wonderful festival to be a part of.


Critical Waste is a sustainable waste management company specialising in clearing up rubbish at festivals and events.  They are committed to forward thinking waste strategies and offer their clients “real” recycling solutions in order to help keep events environmentally sustainable and to ensure that their responsibilities are met.

The Critical Waste ethos grew from a grassroots recycling initiative at the heart of the music festival scene and the team is completely passionate about recycling and all things to do with rubbish.

‘We had been looking for a charity to connect our work to for a while and were delighted to discover Small Steps Project.

As the generation of all of our waste has become a global issue and Critical Waste’s work puts us right at the coalface of this, (albeit in a safe, harm minimised way), we were very keen to commit help in tackling the problem of global waste and the hazards that this presents.

Critical Waste donates 10% of their revenue generated from the collection of recyclables at events to Small Steps Project.  This year we will also be donating thousands of pairs of wellington boots and gloves for SSP distribution projects in Romania.’

Watch Critical Waste’s film here and follow their work on Facebook and Twitter.

iHeart Studios is a photography studio in south London, unique due to its fashion origins. They were founded in 2008 out of the simple belief that exceptional imagery is fundamental to enhancing brand perceptions and increasing online sales, and they now produce best-quality visual content for a selection of high profile clients.

Their fashion roots inform everything they do; they are the foundations of their creativity and they provide them with an instinctive approach to product. They also understand that an imaginative idea is nothing if you can’t make it come to life, and that’s why they utilise leading-edge technology and bespoke workflow systems to support their creative talents.

iHeart Studios did the photography of the shoes for the 2013 auction.

‘iHeart Studios have enjoyed every moment of collaborating with Small Steps, by creating some fantastic images to support a great cause.  What better way to demonstrate that fashion can give something back than helping to showcase creativity, understanding and generosity?’ – Andy Lipscombe, Commercial Director


Festival Reboot’s aim is to recycle wellington boots abandoned at UK festivals. The company produces a variety of hand-made products made from the welly material. Money raised from the sale of these welly products is used to help provide shoes for children in Kenya. The partnership with Small Steps Project has allowed the paired wellies to find their home with those working on landfills across the world.

Wellies are for life not just for Festivals!

“Our hopes are to dramatically reduce the waste from UK festivals, our actions help disadvantaged children in third world countries and…. our dreams are to make awesome things out of rubbish” – Steffan Lemke-Elms, Founder of Festival Reboot.


Wrag Wrap is a fabric giftwrap company committed to offering everyone a realistic and appealing alternative to disposable paper giftwrap.  2013 was the first year they collected discarded tents from 2013 summer music festivals to decrease the number ending up in landfill, their profits will be going back to the festivals to say thank you.  In future years, with a more efficient operation, they wish to donate a percentage of profits from the sale of Festi-Wraps to Small Steps Project.

However, to show support in 2013, they have donated their luxury Christmas reusable giftwrap for the Celebrity Shoe Auction so the shoes can be wrapped beautifully. They also want to highlight the fact that wonderful products can be made out of waste (the fabric of these wraps is made using recycled plastic bottles)!

“The work that Small Steps is doing is really making a difference to hundreds of children and their families that live on these dumps.  We are full of admiration for Amy and her team and feel proud to support them in any way that we can” – Louise Oldridge, Co-founder


As a requirement of Health & Safety at work employees wear forms of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect them against various potential hazards. A major part of the body protected are the hands by using PPE gloves.

A large proportion of PPE gloves can be washed and therefore reused and/or recycled but most companies throw them away and dispose of them via Landfill, which obviously reduces and damages to our environmental and ecological resources.

Sam.ppe Limited provide a cleansing service to remove the contaminants generated and used in our customers work place with a large proportion being “fit for purpose” for reuse. Our customer base includes a number of large blue chip manufacturers who not only reduce their impact on the environment but also enjoy significant financial savings, as washed gloves are far less cost wise than a new ones.

Kevin Lawlor, Director of Sam.ppe Limited said:

“ Sam.ppe Limited are privileged and honoured to be associated with the Small Steps Project. Whilst it is very distressing to learn of the conditions that these children living on  landfill sites endure, it is equally important to raise awareness and promote the magnificent work that the Small Steps Project undertake for children living on dumps around the world. By providing recycled PPE gloves we hope that we can provide some added protection against  the hazards of potential cuts, diseases and infections”


Bar Foods are suppliers of soups, sauces and recipe dishes to the UK’s foodservice and manufacturing industries and have over 25 years experience in this sector.

BAR is actively working on improving our effects on the environment. A wide program of activities have been introduced which include onsite compactors for cardboard, onsite paper recycling units, water recycling activities, can recycling facilities and now thanks to Small Steps we are able to recycle our wellies.  Our first donation was over 100 pairs for the Romanian aid delivery, with many more to come.

“We are delighted to be involved in this project, really proud of Michelle East one of our employees who’s taken the time to search out this project and suggest we work with Small Steps. This has allowed our wellingtons to be put to good use. Looking forward to a great future with the project” Aisling Kemp MD.


JoJo was launched in 1993 as a tiny specialist maternity wear and baby clothing business and offers competitively priced, fashionable maternity wear, adorable but practical baby and children’s clothing and a comprehensive collection of nursery products to cover the period from pregnancy to pre-school.

JoJo has donated 10 pairs of boots for our aid distribution in Romania in 2013.

“Small Steps is a brilliant project! The team have done an amazing job so far and it will only continue to grow further. We would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute just a little to the magnificent work you have achieved up until now”.


Wellieboots.com is the UK’s original online Wellington boot specialist and is a division of Barnack Country Clothes based in Barnack near Stamford, Lincolnshire. Now established for over 20 years the website and shop offers an outstanding product range of wellington boots for all the family.  Wellie Boots made a generous donating for the aid mission to Romania in 2013.

“We are very happy to donate 22 pairs of wellies to help support the Small Steps Project and wish them well with all the amazing work they are doing”.


Since formation in 1963, Protectoplast has been an innovator in the distribution of outdoor clothing and protective footwear to trade stores. They were the first company in the UK to offer PVC wellington boots to the agricultural sector as an alternative to the traditional rubber boot. Their revolutionary NORA range of boots was the first green wellington boot, the first without a supportive lining and they were around half the weight of the old style rubber boots. This innovation led to the modern Wellington boot as we know it today.

Protectoplast made a donation of 45 pairs of boots to be distributed in Romania in 2013.


Muzungu Sisters is an online retail portal that promotes fair labour practices by showcasing artisan-crafted goods from around the world. In their first designer collaboration in aid of a humanitarian organisation, Small Steps Project, Muzungu Sisters fuses traditional Italian craftsmanship by Milanese shoe designer Cecilia Bringheli’s CB Made in Italy, with fabric that would have otherwise gone to waste kindly donated by Missoni and upcycled for the project. Muzungu Sisters donates 10% of the sales of each shoe to the Small Steps Project.

As well as supporting the charity with the donations from the shoes, both the founders, Dana and Tatiana also donated their own shoes as well as a signed pair of designer loafers to the charity’s London Celebrity Shoe Auction.

Founder Dana Alikhani says, “I first read about the Small Steps project several years ago and was so taken with their work that I knew that once Muzungu Sisters had launched I wanted to collaborate on a project to help raise awareness and funds for their valuable work. Having previously done human rights research and NGO work, it is clear to me that there is a greater need for a rights-based approach to the plight of children living on landfill sites: every child has the right to an education, basic sanitation and the right to be free from dangerous work such as that undertaken on rubbish dumps.”

Wellers Auctioneers are Asset Management Experts who add value to their customers by accurately valuing their assets and maximizing the proceeds of disposal by managing the whole process in a smooth and professional manner.

We are honoured to be a part of the Small Steps Project! We often conduct charity auctions and hope that our expertise and experience will ensure that everyone involved raises as much money as possible for the children and their families.” – Chris Sykes, Managing Director.


Established in 1903, Downey & Co creates beautiful Invitations and Stationery for luxury brands, party planners or high profile individuals. We are able to combine a variety of techniques including engraving, foilblocking or letterpress printing with creative design to give a stunning result with a truly luxurious tactile finish.

Downey not only helped design and produce the Small Steps Project flyers but they have taken their own small step and produced the beautiful catalogues for the 2012 and 2013 London Celebrity Shoe Auctions.

Downey is pleased to be able to support Small Steps so that they are able to raise even more funds and help more children on rubbish dumps.

Ben from Loveandsets.com donated his time and expertise to dressing and building the display plinths for the 2012 London Celebrity Shoes Auction.  These nine display plinths were built with integral wireless lighting and pack down to form their own box, keeping them safe for use for future auctions.


At Humdingers Catering we believe that food made with love tastes better. We are proud to say that we make everything from scratch. Humdingers is all about good hand-made food. We source the best ingredients from local suppliers. Whatever the event – we love doing them all.

You know the old saying ‘The way to a man’s wallet is through his stomach’. We believe that Humdingers food will get people dipping deeper into their pockets at this year’s London Celebrity Shoe Auction 2012 and we hope we can continue our support into the future.

Chef and Founder Robert Hunningher says:
‘We think Small Steps is a fantastic project and we were really impressed by the hands on approach of the team. We know that any help we give, will directly impact the people being helped by The Small Steps Project. I feel very honored to be asked to be involved in such a great event.’ 


Lucas Orme is a photographer and videographer. He filmed the third in the series of Small Steps Project documentaries ‘Small Steps: Nicaragua’. He also produced the stills images for the Small Steps Project photography exhibition at the RSM and the Annual Fundriaser.

Lucas Orme. ‘I was deeply impressed by the work of the Small Steps Project and wanted to contribute my skills to a project outside of the commercial sector. It has been a privilege to provide the footage for the documentary and the stills for the exhibition and helping to raise awareness and funds for children on rubbish dumps around the world.’  


Hempstead May is a retouching and post-production studio specialising in high-end fashion, beauty photography and art printing.

They retouched and printed the Small Steps Project photography exhibition held in the RSM Auchi Foyer and at the annual fundraising event, the images can be seen here and limited edition prints are available to purchase from the charity.

Thomas from Hempstead May says of the charity, It’s a rare opportunity for us to get involved with such an important cause so we jumped at the chance to help in this small way. We are just so impressed with the work Amy and her team are doing and we only hope our contribution has enabled them to progress with the charity, even slightly’


Malaysia Airlines helped UK charity Small Steps Project on its latest mission to Cambodia, flying out vital vitamins, which are difficult for NGOs to source in the country.

Small Steps Project Director Amy Hanson said, “We are only able to complete such needed humanitarian projects thanks to the goodwill of companies like Malaysia Airlines. Unlike many other charities, no one other than the children we help profit from any donations. The money Malaysia Airlines has allowed us to save on excess baggage simply enables us to be able to purchase more aid for those who really need it.”

Malaysia Airlines’ Area Manager UK and Ireland, Yuzrizal Mohd Yousuf added, “The work that Amy and her team do is hugely important and Malaysia Airlines was delighted to be able to help in our own small way with the latest Small Steps project.”


Solgar are a global company whose mission is to enhance the total health and wellbeing of consumers.  They are very environmentally conscious from their offices to their factories and this year they donated to the Small Steps project in Cambodia and this is what they said:

“Solgar Vitamin and Herb proudly donated a number of food supplements to help poor and disadvantaged families, achieve a deserved high nutritional status. In Western society we can take good nutrition for granted. We hope that providing food supplements through the wonderful charity Small Steps, we can ensure that children have the required nutrients necessary for proper growth and development.”


OptiBac Probiotics is a family-run, UK business focusing entirely on probiotic supplements to help support digestive & immune health.  Probiotics are micro-organisms which are thought to be beneficial to the body, and OptiBac focuses on finding specific types and combinations of probiotics, and making a variety of supplements for different health conditions.  As a health & wellbeing company, it has a strong corporate responsibility profile and makes regular donations to wellbeing charities.  Read more about them here or follow them on Twitter @OptiBac.

OptiBac made a generous donation of probiotics which were introduced into the meal time plan for the children in in Cambodia in 2013.  OptiBac told us, ‘We were really happy that one of our stockists told us about the Small Steps Project; which we thought looked like a fantastic, and specialised initiative to improve the wellbeing of children living in extreme poverty.’


Nitty Gritty donated 100 nit combs and bottles of nit solution for our project on the dumps of Nicaragua.  They also donated some boots which were distributed to the children working on the dumps.

“As a small mum-owned and run company dedicated to making the world a better place, Nitty Gritty is delighted to support the Small Steps project. 
We hope that our Nitty Gritty Combs will help these children to make another ‘small step’ towards living happier, healthier lives.” ~ Founders of Nitty Gritty


STA Travel provides discounted flights for volunteers to travel all over the world, helping to get individuals out to countries where they are needed the most.

“Working with Small Steps Project is something we are extremely proud of and we look forward to continuing to help get volunteers out to projects in the future. We have also helped the Small Steps Project staff get out to their destinations as well. If you need to arrange your travel ask the Small Steps Project team for the dedicated contact details for STA Travel.”




Sainsbury’s provides a weekly supply of refreshment and sandwiches to the small steps project head office in North London to support the staffs and volunteers.