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CAMBODIA – Battambang Province

Battambang Dump

Battambang Dump is located in Battambang Province, Cambodia, just 6 km away from the city centre. It was created in 2009. It covers 7 hectares and gets a daily average of 130 tonnes of waste, coming from urban and rural areas. There are currently over 100 people living on the dump site.

Our Partners

SSP has delivered two Phase one Shoe Distributions for the entire community of the dump site, providing the footwear necessary to keep the children and adults safe. We also supplied socks, gloves, hats and food in addition to hygiene and medical kits to care for hands and feet. When we first arrived there were 34 scavenger families on the dump, totalling 84 beneficiaries in all. That number had increased to 120 by the second distribution.

We’re currently building a hygiene and sanitation unit. Which will include toilets, showers and clothes washing facilities. It will be open to all residents of the dumpsite – men, women and children – helping to reduce the levels of soil and water borne infections which are part and parcel of life on landfills and in turn reducing the need for medical interventions further down the line. Additionally we are working to support women with reusable sanitary products.