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This dump project is no longer active as the dump has closed, however our partners PSE continue to work with the children in this area.

Stung Meanchey Rubbish Dump

Stung Meanchey was a municipal rubbish dump on the outskirts of Cambodia’s captial city Phnom Penh which over a period of 20 years, grew to cover more than 100 acres. In 2009, when Small Steps Project first visited the dump, there were between 500-1000 people working on the dump every day. At least half of these were children. This included approximately 100 people living directly on the rubbish. There were countless more living in slums around the dump.

Small Steps Project delivered its first ever aid project on this dump, delivering a Phase 1 Shoe Distribution which provided 900 people with shoes and wellington boots, as well as food, clothes and mosquito nets and hygiene kits.

We also directed children to Pour Sourire D’Enfant (PSE), a local French NGO, so they could access their sustainable services and education programme.

Small Steps: Cambodia, Phnom Penh from Amy Hanson on Vimeo.

After much media exposure, the dump was officially closed in 2009. PSE, together with Friends International and the Cambodian Children’s Fund, continue to help the children and families still living in the area.

Small Steps Project returned to Stung Meanchey in November 2010 to check that it had been closed. You can watch what happened here. The former landfill was covered in vegetation, which looked much better but the area and the water was still contaminated.

We found just one family with whom we had worked with still living on the dump and we assisted them with home repairs, food, water, shoes and clothes and got them registered at PSE. A new recycling centre was opened with much stricter regulations, officially employing adults with no access for children.

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