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CAMBODIA – Siem Reap

This dump project is active and run by our partners Friends International

Siem Reap rubbish dump is located 45 minutes outside of the city. It covers 2,700 sq meters and is home for 68 families. There are approximately 224 people who work on the dump site and many of these were under the age of 16. The dump has small shacks built around the edge of the site with a filthy lake on one side with steep slopes all around it –  with no barriers or warning signs –  which the adults and children have to climb down to get to the rubbish. There are fires everywhere to burn down the old rubbish to access the metals at the bottom, resulting in dense smoke across the whole area.

In cooperation with local NGO Friends International who run the Anlong Pi/Kaylian Mith centre we completed our phase 1 shoe distribution, along with clothes and emergency aid. Located 150 meters away, the centre is open to all of the inhabitants of the dump and provides clean water, toilets, washing facilities, a creche, kitchen and medical facilities, schooling, counselling. They also carry out a swapping programme, where people can bring their worn out boots and gloves for new ones. further in partnership with ODA (Orphans and Disabled Ars Association) we distributed shoes and uniforms to over 500 children.

During the sustainability stage, we donated a school bus to help older children transport to the Friends International School and Vocational Training Centre. We also brought in nursery nurses to set up provisions and routines at six rural schools as well as at ODA.

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