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CAMBODIA – Sihanoukville

This dump project is no longer active

Betrang Rubbish Dump

Betrang is 15km from the seaside town of Sihanoukville, deep in the countryside, close to Ream National Park. The dump is 3km² and home to a village of two communities, who live on, or dangerously close to, the rubbish. One of the communities consisted of approximately 40 families and over 150 children. The second has 15 families and approximately 50 children. These families, even those not scavenging, were subjected daily to perilously dangerous industrial waste vehicles and having to walk through waste to get anywhere.

We first started working on this dump in 2010. We delivered a Phase 1 Shoe Distributions which also allowed us to establish the demographics of the dump community and carry out a needs assessment for our Phase 2 Sustainable Project. We also provided food, water, mosquito nets, clothes, hygiene kits and emergency first aid to over 200 people on the dump.

In 2012 the Betrang Dump relocated 10 minutes drive away and the community had moved with it.  We delivered another Phase 1 Shoe Distribution and emergency aid at the new site and supported other local organisations  including Sareka House, House of Family and Let Us Create (LUC) with shoe and uniform distributions, further emergency aid, supplies and medical assistance, reaching approximately 500 children and adults in order to identify a partner project for our Phase 2 Sustainable Project.

Next Steps from Amy Hanson on Vimeo.

In early 2013 we returned to Sihanoukville and set up the SSP Dump Outreach Project with LUC. The first problem for this community in accessing the care and off site facilities was logistical, so we bought a mini van and hired a driver. We then built and set up a new Small Steps Nursery with funding from Scott Dunn at the LUC centre consisting of a nursery, creche and sleep room. We fitted and equipped the nursery and provided our nursery nurse from the UK to train local staff. We created an Outreach Project for the older children and set up a Breakfast Club, a Hygiene Project, a Mothers Project as well as a a Construction Project on the dump to fix all the huts and make them water tight for the rainy season.