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LAOS – Vientiane

This dump project is active, part-funded by First Mile Recycling until December 2018

KM36 Rubbish Dump

Km 36 rubbish dump is located about 30 kilometers outside Vientiane Capital city centre and has existed there since 2007. Today, with Vientiane citizens producing an estimated 400 tonnes of rubbish per day, the landfill has grown to an area of about 13 hectares (32.5 acres) to accommodate the waste. There are approximately 200 individuals working on the Km 36 rubbish dump each day, at least one quarter of whom are children and youths. These young people have never or infrequently attended school in order to help their families earn income.

Our Partners

SSP have partnered with Peuan Mit (Friends-International Laos PDR), a great organisation who work together with the children and families to create exciting opportunities for their futures, off the dump by offering retraining at their vocational training centres. Small Steps Project funds the Peuan Mit Mobile School Outreach Programme, which visits the dump one day a week and consists of a team of experienced social workers who travel in a vehicle especially equipped with water, hygiene and medical supplies as well as educational provisions. This project and its services were expanded thanks to the development funding from Scott Dunn for first four years. Thanks to the generosity of First Mile Recycling for the continuation of this funding from 2017.

 Friends-International Scott-Dunn  

SSP delivered a Phase 1 Shoe Distribution with The Peuan Mit team, providing the footwear necessary to protect everyones feet safe, from the smallest children and their parents to the elderly. We also provided gloves, masks and mosquito nets. This also enabled us to collect data on the dump and create a census of the demographics so we can better understand the needs of the community to deliver a fuller Phase 2 project by expanding the current care programme.

SSP have been  funding a long-term, Phase 2 Sustainable Project with Peuan Mit for the families on the dump that includes.

1) Mobile School Outreach Programme for children, young people and adults, providing medical supplies, hygiene materials, recreational and educational equipment, and social workers. We currently fund this programme for one day a week and we hope to increase this service to provide more regular care. Counselling is provided to discuss life plans and future opportunities with individuals on the dump, and opportunities offered at their vocational training centres.

2) Thanks to our funders Scott Dunn Travel we will be expanding this service so that with the Peuan Mit we are able to offer daily support to dump community.

Christmas on the landfill, Laos 2017 | Peuan Mit Mobile school

January 18, 2018