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This dump project is no longer active

Tibar Rubbish Dump

Tibar rubbish dump nearby Tibar village is a 20 minute drive from Dili. It is approximately 7 acres and serves as the dumping ground for all the rubbish from Dili. It has been there since 1999 when it was moved from Tibar town. We do not believe it is inhabited, however there are adults and children working there and often children go there to play. There are small structures all around the site which are makeshift shelters used for shade during the day or somewhere to sleep for those who have travelled far to get there. There is no access to clean water on the site and no assistance currently available to this community but the Ryder Cheshire Foundation nearby have provided medical support for emergencies on the site.  Timor-Leste is a country with a very recent history of violence and political unrest, and suffering continues in the aftermath of their independence struggle from Indonesia.

We delivered a Phase 1 Shoe Distribution as well as aid delivery with several partners:

1) Snack Programme with Movimento de Adolescentes e Criancas (MAC), delivering food and water including crackers, noodles, milk, peas, rice and oil, as well as distributing school supplies and chairs for the library.

2)  Distributed food, water and shoes to 130 children with Comoro Children and Youth Centre Foundation-(CCFC).

3) Delivered shoes and aid with the Local Orphanage.

4) Additional help offered directly to 2 large families who desperately needed food, cooking tools, cutlery and plates. We also directed them to additional services.

Sustainable projects we support in Timor include Comoro Children and Youth Centre Foundation (CCFC) and Moveimento de Adolescentes e Criancas (MAC)