UGANDA- Kampala District

This dump project is active.


Kiteezi & Namboole dumpsites

Kiteezi Dump is located in Kampala District. Around 700 adults work in it and live in the surrounding slums. The average salary is $2 a day. The litter-pickers work in terrible conditions but they are organised, calm and care about each other, there is no violence or arguments just hard work. they also follow some basic health and safety rules: they must wear protective gloves, boots and overalls and, they do what we hope for on all dumps: they leave their children off the landfill, which is why we are supporting the whole family, so they can continue to do so.

Namboole Dump is spread out in various areas beneath the Mandela stadium, there are three different sections to the dump, including one in and around an open sewer. Adults and children alike scavenge for recyclables and toys with bare feet and hands. Many are dressed in plastic bags to protect them from the sewage. The community ranges from the smallest babies to the eldest member age 80. They have no health and safety support but have some internal organisation to manage any disagreements and keep the peace on the dump.

SSP delivered a Phase 1 Shoe Distribution on the dump, providing the footwear necessary to keep the children and adults feet safe. We started by providing the children with The Shoe That Grows and all adults with new boots and protective gloves. We also distributed masks. 
We are currently working on the development of a sustainable project.

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February 28, 2018

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February 28, 2018