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I have been doing a lot of fundraising over the summer, using the Small Steps Cambodia documentary as a tool, to raise money by doing screenings.

We have had some amazing support and some surprises, including a great response from younger audiences. I first screened the documentary to children at Camp Bestival and was surprised at how engaged the children were, which has lead to loads of events and screenings at schools and universities all over the world.

Small Steps is about inspiring others to take their own Small Steps and fundraising and doing their own screenings ( for which we can provide a copy of the film), so if you have any ideas, if you think your children might want to do a screening or presentation in their assembly or for a project at school- get in contact.

It isn’t just children who have been helping. After the Hampstead screening I met an amazing woman called Angela Humphery who has thrown herself into the celebrity shoe campaign with such energy she has single handedly managed to procure shoes off Boy George, David Gray and Ricky Gervais, to name but a few. She then went one step further by getting her friends  Cheryl and Jules Burns involved and putting on a screening and tea party which Cheryl and Jules not only hosted but provided a space to screen and all the tea and cakes- their event raised £1500 on a sunday afternoon in London. That is enough money to provide shoes for all the children on a dump in Nicaragua or Peru.

It didn’t take long, but by everyone contributing something, it raised enough money for a whole project. So if you are reading this and thinking you could do something to raise money, please do take your own small steps, one event, one day out of your lives could change the lives of hundreds of children in poverty forever.

The day after the screening, unfortunately I was burgled 🙁 I returned home from a meeting to find my front door smashed in and my lap top and all the equipment for the trip and pretty much everything electrical, (with the exception of my bike) stolen. It was pretty upsetting knowing that the tools that I have to use to raise money for children on rubbish dumps had been taken and probably sold for much less than their real worth.

However what an amazing response I got from everyone, people have been offering to lend me their cameras and cam corders and even donated another mac to the project.

However one thing that didn’t get stolen was the donation money from the tea party, which is really quite remarkable and also irreplaceable.

So thanks everyone for your small steps and your contributions please keep thinking of ways to raise funds so that I can use that money to help people who desperately need it and take it to them, not spending any on the way and making sure it goes straight on the feet of rubbish dump kids.