Small Steps Project does not do Voluntourism. If you want a few weeks in the sun and to work with children or go to a dump site then this is not the place for you! There are lots of charities that will provide you with a paid Volunteering experience, however at SSP we believe in employing local staff, who are consistent and speak the same language as the children we are helping.


We do not take people to visit dump sites, or to have a look. Instead we provide documentaries and photography so that the public can see the poverty on dumps we are working with but not sight see.

In exceptional cases we take team members who can really benefit the children on the dumps by going there, including medics and social workers.


Otherwise there are loads of ways you can get involved with Small Steps Project Charity work. To spend as much as we can on beneficiaries we need as much help as we can get here in the UK. From volunteering at our London HQ, fundraising, celebrity shoe hunting, marketing PR, design, editing, research and admin. Our ethos is that if everyone takes a small step, together we can make a big difference to the lives of children on rubbish dumps. So if you have a skill or time you can donate, even if it is just an hour a week- get in contact.



Fundraising poster imageWe are currently recruiting volunteers for:

  • Fundraisers
  • Celebrity Shoe Hunters
  • Press & PR
  • Office Admin
  • Researchers
  • Web developers
  • Designers

If you have any of these skills and would like to donate some time to the charity please email us.




Small Steps Project is currently running a medical programme often looking for Doctors, Paramedics, Nurses and Midwives to work along side and support our local teams in other countries. If you are a medic and would like to donate your time please email us.