Glastonbury, Celebrities and Rubbish Dumps- what’s the connection?

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phpjL5dpZPMYou might have noticed that we have just launched the 2013 London Celebrity Shoe Auction! However it was Glastonbury that really launched it.

This year Small Steps Project was invited to Glastonbury Festival 2013 and was able to request shoes from some of the biggest artists performing: from Rita Ora who donated her wellies to Professor Green who donated the red Puma trainers he performed in.  Jake Bugg also sent the Adidas trainers he performed in, not only at Glasto but at numerous other gigs and he wasn’t the only one to donate shoes that he likes to sing in. There was also Seasick Steve and the beautiful Kate Nash and DJ B Traits. Word seemed to get around and celebrities we hadn’t even asked left shoes for us – including Kenny Rogers.

phpByr15dPMWe also had shoe donations from almost all of the Stones: Ronnie Wood, who not only donates every year but he actually paints his shoes by hand. Then to have Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts follow in his steps was amazing!

You can see all the Glastonbury shoes on the Celebrity Shoe Donors and look out for some late arrivals coming soon from The Hives, Iggy Azelea and Example.

phpzXeG1fPM-300x200We were also given the opportunity to speak to festival goers through Glastonbury’s radio station, Worthy fm. Telling them not only about how the stars they had come to see are helping, but also why we are doing these projects and letting them know how they too could be involved: By watching the screenings of our documentaries, which screened 4 x a day in Pilton Palais, the Cinema Tent and also by donating their old wellies at the end of the festival in our wellie drop offs.

Inside the festival there is no corporate marketing, no posters, no advertising, unless it is about one of the charities – what a marvellous idea!  Instead of using the publicity to make rich companies richer they direct it to charitable orgs that help others.

Unfortunately not everyone respected what Glastonbury had chosen to do – quite surprisingly, Hunter boots. Having total disregard for Glastonbury’s ethos of no marketing and advertising they sat outside on the motorway and asked people to swap their wellies for a brand new pair of Hunters.

SmallStepsTeam2LR copyHunter’s wellie campaign rather usurped our charity wellie campaign which was encouraging festival goers to leave their old wellies in our wellie drop off so that we could redistribute them on the dumps of Romania this September. We were working with a Glastonbury Recycling to turn what is left over into something to help people on dumps.

As you can imagine, people were less inclined to throw away a brand new pair of Hunter boots and so, compared to last year when there were 4000 pairs left over, this year there were only 450.  This was also partly due to the great weather which meant that people weren’t wearing their boots.


RitaOraSmallSteps4We contacted Hunter and told them that we had over 2500 families and children waiting for boots to be delivered. We asked Hunter if they could make up the numbers, after all they had just given away 5000 pairs of new boots to festival goers who already had a pair and didn’t need them.  Could they spare some for people who were desperate for them?  They said no.

We did get one pair of Hunter boots that was donated though – but guess who it came from?  Ronnie Wood! Seems like even rock and roll legends think it’s cooler to help those in poverty than brandish a label.

phphlFCMEPMFortunately some other companies have come to the rescue including Festival Reboot, Protectoplast, Bar Foods and Jojo 

Maman Bebe and who have all donated to the boot drive for Romania.

However, we still need another 1850 pairs of boots to ensure that everyone who needs them has their feet protected.  If you would like to donate your boots or are a company that would like to contribute please get in contact and email us here.