Holywell Primary School | Recycled Fashion Show!

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Holywell-primary-school-1(resized)Located just outside St. Ives, Cambridgeshire is a small school named Holywell Primary School. Children from the school organised a fashion show to raise money for Small Steps Project!

The initial inspiration for the fundraising came from a book by Andy Mulligan called ‘Trash’. The book follows the lives of three young boys who spend their days sifting through ‘trash’ when one day the boys find something that leads them on a dangerous journey of hope. The boys live on a rubbish dump, similar to that of the dumps that SSP beneficiaries live on. The story inspired the children to research further into the plight of children who live on rubbish dumps.

This project involved children across two classes who were set a long term homework challenge to make a complete outfit from recycled material to wear at a fashion show. The final event happened on 27th March where parents were invited and pupils took to the catwalk. Organisers screened our short film at the beginning of the show to explain to parents where their money would be going. The event was a great success and the children even captured the interest of a local journalist who wrote an article about the event! Holywell-primary-school-(resized)