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On 12th June it is the International Day Against Child Labour. Launched in 2002, this day serves as a reminder of all the children (estimated as 15.5 million) around the world who are forced into child labour. Forced labour from a young age mean that these children do not have a real childhood, they don’t have access to education, a safe and secure home, health care or even time to play with friends.

Child Labour

Like the children we find working on rubbish dumps, there are many more children who are hidden from public view who are trapped in a cycle of poverty and often abuse. Whether working in a factory or as a bricklayer, as a prostitute, child soldier or being involved in drug trafficking this is a situation that must be stopped.

This year get involved and join the campaign to eliminate underage child labour in domestic work and insist on the correct protection for those of working age.  Don’t ignore it. This is an issue that everyone should be aware.  Make a stand on 12th June.