Lot’s Going on in Laos 2018!

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Laos landfill site has no where to play or learn and no shade.

We have so much going on in Laos right now with our amazing partners Peuan Mitt from Friends international – where to begin? Well, firstly we have been working together for over 5 years now on a collaborative outreach project for the children, young people and families on Laos landfill. It’s a part-time programme with us but that’s not all Peuan Mitt does. You can find out more about all their other incredible work here.

Until the mobile outreach bunts arrives and creates a classroom on the dump site!

So we have a programme which delivers education, medical, social support, life skills and sex education to those on the dump site. But we also support children to take small steps off the dumps and into school so the outreach team also visits remote schools and supports the teachers. It’s obviously working as this project has the highest number of school reintegration than any other!

The county directors check on the children formerly on the dump, now at school.

But that doesn’t mean that aid is still not vital for those still working on the dump. And thanks to our new funders First Mile recycling who are part funding our outreach project, they also donated hundreds of protective gloves for all the adults working on the dump. It’s so important that we continue to engage and support parents with their waste picking because by allowing their children back to school they are instantly losing income. And we have to be there for the whole family in order to effectively help the children.

And protective gloves for all the waste pickers from First Mile recycling. Giving dignity back to waste pickers.

Speaking of which we also restocked the mobile library with tonnes of new children’s books.

The new books were really popular!

And our friends at Coldplay bought hundreds of sunhats for every single child on the dump.

Thank you to Coldplay for supporting us in many ways over the years. These hats were very popular!

But I think the best thing about the distribution was the atmosphere and it’s something very important to us at SSP. It’s not just aid, we don’t just hand things out, we work out what people need, by asking them and we make the distribution a fun event for the whole community.

The social workers turn every event, be that medical our aid into something fun.

Everyone is assured that they will receive aid, it’s not survival of the fittest, we make sure to reach babies and grannies and everyone is taken care of.