New music workshop at Takhmao nursery

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This December we went back to Cambodia to visit our Takhmao nursery. We had a great time with the children and team.

For the last couple of years, we have been discussing the possibility of creating a music workshop where the children can develop new skills and interests. In our last visit, we got in contact with the Phnom Phen based music school Links and asked them to do a workshop at our nursery.

A couple of days after, the musicians Cheak Bun Hong and Remi came on their motorbikes carrying lots of instruments: a violin, a guitar, a saxophone, a clarinet and a flute. They organised the kids in ages and started playing for them.


The children loved it! They seemed to be hypnotised looking at the instruments and listening to the music. It was the first time that these children had seen instruments and you could tell they really enjoyed the experience.

Cheak Bun said that he was really surprised by how calm and polite they were, he said “they are more polite than most of the other kids I teach!”.

Remi also seemed to be hypnotised and said “I had a tear in my eyes. These children seemed to really appreciated this lesson”.

We were all so happy about such a beautiful workshop that we decided to continue this great experience. During the year, the children will learn how to play Cambodian instruments, a skill that will be useful for them when they grow older and will help them finding the beauty of their own cultural heritage. Inspired by the Landfill Harmonic, we hope that we will be able to expand this workshop so the children can make their own instruments.

These new experiences will for sure also give them new choices for a better future.