Nutrition Project

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Nutrition Project 1One of the great things about collaborative projects is that more children can benefit from the services we provide.  Our in-country partner project is the fantastic Let Us Create (formerly The Cambodian Children’s Painting Project). Which provides care to some of the most vulnerable scavenger children from the streets and beaches of Sihanoukville Cambodia.

Together we deliver the Small Steps Outreach Project, where, thanks to the partnership with Let Us Create (CCPP) the dump children have a safe place to come and receive help outside the dangerous environment of the rubbish dump.

Nutrition Project 2We will be keeping you up to date on all the aspects of the dump outreach project every step of the way.  As we have worked on this same dump several times, they all have shoes so now it’s time to take the next small steps.

At the centre we can focus on the key elements of growth that are missing from the lives of the children we care for, and a major one, is of course, nutrition.

As the meals that these children receive with us may be the only sustainable meal they eat that day, it is really important to make them have a greater health impact.  Many of the children are malnourished and are affected by stunting along with poor immune systems, which has led to the start of a nutrition project.

Nutrition Project 3Thanks to the generous donations from Solgar, who provided vitamins and Optibac who provided probiotics we had exactly the vitamins and supplements these children were desperate for.  We also were able to bring large quantities due to being given excess baggage from Malaysia Airlines.

But scavenger children and children in the west are the same- they don’t like taking medicines or vitamins or food supplements, why would they? They are children!

That is when Leah Kidd, the inspirational co director at Let Us Create (CCPP) came up with a plan- The Breakfast Club that offers fruit smoothies, with particular emphasis on Papaya due to its excellent source of vitamin C as well as a good source of vitamin E and vitamin A, three very powerful antioxidants along with bananas which help form a protective barrier against stomach acids and they can also diminish the uncomfortable effects of diarrhea and constipation.

We bought some of the biggest blenders we could find, got all the children their new brightly coloured smoothie mugs and set to work.

Nutrition Project 4They absolutely love the shakes and not only are they getting a great source of potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E but also calcium from the milk we add to the smoothies and of course the probiotics.

We are so happy with the Breakfast Club, being able to offer the kids something that, to them is a treat and to us is a great way of making sure they are getting fantastic nutrition and extra supplements to nourish and improve their immune system.

We are really keen to keep improving the health of all the children from the dump and those scavenging in town, so if you are a company reading this and have something that you could donate on a regular basis that would improve the lives and nutrition of these children please get in contact.  Visit our Corporate Partners Page to see which other companies have taken a small step and made a big difference.