Recycling AND raising money

Posted by | February 5, 2014 | Fundraisers | No Comments

phpUU69OfAMMother and daughter team, Jools and Elie, aged 8, have set up a website where Elie will recycle old and unused toys and clothes.  The website is linked to EBay and Amazon across the world.  We think it’s a great idea!  Check it out Elie’s Shop here and Jool’s E-shops 4 Kids here.

Elie’s shop has been designed to sell unwanted toys and clothes, some will be used and some will be new, all used toys are in excellent condition.  Elie’s shop is an excellent way to recycle unwanted items and at the same time promote the charity and raise money.  It is also making children aware of recycling, business and saving money as well as doing something great for charity, so Elie’s shop is a form of education! Elie has also been keeping busy fundraising with a cake sale and raising £120!  Here she is with the Mayor who was very impressed with all the work she has been doing.