Shoes and Clothing delivery to Romania

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Whilst researching the many dumps around the world we came across several in Romania. We were really shocked to hear that children were living as scavengers so close to home. We found out about the dumps, feral and scavenger children through the work of humanitarian film maker and photographer Richard James Feaver.

Feaver put us in contact with the charity with who he works closely with, Love Life Romania which supports children in extreme poverty, including scavengers and those on dumps, children that live in sewers and children suffering from HIV.

As the cold was fast approaching we sent all the shoes and clothes that we had been collecting in London as well as donations from Kidderminster Footwear to Love Light Romania and Jo Jowett the director there distributed all the aid in time for Christmas to those children most in need of some shoes and clothes.

Richard Feaver was there to document the delivery too and you can see his images in our gallery and below in the slideshow.

We are really glad to have met Richard and Jo and are so impressed with the work they are doing in Romania and happy to have been able to send them aid they needed. So thanks to everyone who donated items. You will notice that in some of the photos there are wood burning heaters- these were provided for all the families that Love Light Romania supports to fend of he freezing winter.

It is really great to partner with and support other projects that have the same goals and help the same sort of children that we do and we are really looking forward to taking our next step later in the year to help even more children in Romania.