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We returned to the UK in June and have been working on the fundraising aspect of the project because it is through the documentaries, screenings, fundraisers, celebrity shoe collections and website that we make the money which ernables us to deliver the projects on rubbish dumps. And get shoes on children’s feet!

We are not sponsored or funded by the government or any large corporate sponsors (yet!) so we are completely dependant on the generocity of the public and that of talented individuals who donate their time and skills and make it all possible. Every small step that every person takes, is what makes this possible.

To help with this we will be adding the fundraising page soon, so you can see what other people have done through…


to help raise donations through their own unique efforts and small steps.

On October 12th we will be premiering the new film, documenting the trials and tribulations of the projects we delivered in Nicaragua and this will be held at the Royal Society at Medicine in London, tickets will go on sale in August. Due to high numbers you can put your name on the list to reserve places by emailing Ticket.


We are also still collecting celebrity shoes which for the London Celebrity Shoe Auction to help the charity continue providing shoes for children with no shoes on rubbish dumps all over the world.

If you want to help and get involved in anyway please email us. We are also hoping that, like in Australia, a large company will help sponsor our efforts so that we can grow and reach more children on more dumps sooner. It was thanks to the efforts of Bongiorno in Australia that has made so much of what we have delivered this year possible and so it would be great if we could get a UK based company to do the same.

Remember all your small steps have done and continue to change the lives of children on rubbish dumps, so no matter how small your contribution is, it does make a difference.

If you would like to volunteer this summer in the UK we are currently recruiting: Film Editors, Researchers and Celebrity Shoe Hunters. So if you are a whizz on Final Cut or you live next door to Madonna…we want to hear from you.

If you don’t have time to volunteer, please just take a second and repost this on your facebook, because you never know, that one click may lead to someone else’s small steps…