SSP in Cambodia with new partners Safe Haven/Mlop Children’s Centre

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While the last of the celebrity shoes are coming in for the Celebrity Shoe Auction this this week (5th-15th Dec), over in Cambodia shoes are being given out to children scavenging on the dumps in Kandal Province. Amy from SSP and CEO Benedicta from Safe Haven Children’s Trust went to work on the dump distribution project with the amazing team of staff from Mlop Children’s centre. Safe Haven is the UK arm of Mlop Children’s Centre, which is run by entirely Khmer staff and provides emergency residential care, medical checks, assistance with hygienie as well as daily lessons and nursery for children in Kandal Province.

But more than just delivering a shoe distribution, SSP has partnered with Mlop to create sustainable solutions for the dump community, together delivering outreach and supporting older children from the dump back into school. As well as providing day care for the younger children at the Mlop nursery and pre-school and while SSP funds the helps deliver aid to those on the dump, Safe Haven also has a home based work initiative, which they plan to offer to the parents at the dump in 2014, called Mlop Works. So together, this partnership enables us to: make sure everyone has shoes, no one is injured or malnourished, the children are at school, the younger ones in nursery and the parents are being supported in alternative work.

Here are the images from our recent dump distribution, but it is only the first step in helping the children take small steps off this dump.