Thanks to Imagine Asia and Scott Dunn Travel

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Thanks to our new donor Imagine Asia, who together, with our long standing donor Scott Dunn Travel, have now taken over full funding of our entire Cambodia Project from Comic Relief. 

The Cambodia project is located in the outskirts of Phnom Penh, on the Takhmao Dump, where around 200 people live and work. Most of the children were scavenging on the dump site before we launched our emergency intervention project four years ago.

Today, in conjunction with our delivery partner Pour Sourire D’Enfant (PSE), Small Steps Project works with approximately 80 children no longer scavenge but instead, either go to school or, for the under 6,  stay during the day at our Children Support Centre (CSC). This centre is comprises of a nursery, a preschool for under 6-years-olds and a children support centre for children over 7. where they can do homework, change, wash and eat.

Now that we have successfully supported all the children to take small steps off the dump, Imagine Asia and Scott Dunn are helping maintain the project to insure it’s sustainability, by keeping children engaged in o0ur project and education and off the dump so they have a bright future. We are pleased to have such great donors supporting our biggest project. Thank you!

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