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For those of you who missed our amazing Fundraising EventFilm Premiere and Photography Exhibition here is an update!

Since we returned from Nicaragua in June the SSP team have been working round the clock to make the biggest and best event we have ever had and, thanks to the small steps of some amazing people and companies it surpassed all of our expectations.

Small Steps Celebrity Shoe Auction_0004 Small Steps Celebrity Shoe Auction_0042

After five month of delivering projects and filming the documentary the event was the very first time that people got to see the film and all the work that went into the projects. The film is not available online but is currently being made into DVD’s.

Small Steps Celebrity Shoe Auction_0147 Small Steps Celebrity Shoe Auction_0204


We also exhibited our Small Steps Project photography exhibition which can be seen on the Royal Society of medicine global Health site here. You can also order limited edition prints!

A combination of the tickets to the event and film premiere, the prints and celebrity shoe auction made a staggering £11,000!!

Henry Kelly was our celebrity auctioneer and the shoes that went for the highest amount was, not surprisingly-Kate Moss’ stilettos which went for £850. Followed by a surprising…Bill Oddies’s bird watching boots!

Small Steps Celebrity Shoe Auction_0230 Small Steps Celebrity Shoe Auction_0286

Other celebrities who attended the event and showed their support included fashion designer Zandra Rhodes, and actors: James Puerfoy, Roger Lloyd Pack, Peter Egan, Vicki-Michelle and Bill Oddie.

Small Steps Celebrity Shoe Auction_0063 Small Steps Celebrity Shoe Auction_0091 Small Steps Celebrity Shoe Auction_0271

Three days after the event our online celebritry auction went klive for a week on ebay and raised another £9750! With the very higest sellers being Stevene Gerrards bespoke football boots, which went for £1350! Wow. You can see the results of all the shoes at auction here.

Isn’t it mad to think that all these old celebrity shoes, probably one of many can make enough money to provide shoes for children who do not have any and who actually really need them. It is a wierd feeling because it is amazing that we are able to have celebrity shoe auctions and raise so much money its also quite saddening to know that we live in a society where some of us have way too much and some have nothing and that their are children who are born on to rubbish dumps who are deemed less important because they are not models or actors.

Some celebrities like Kate Moss, Gemma Artreton and Sienna Miller were real surprises who realised that they could take a minute and use their profile to shine a light on an important issue and you know what, some didn’t care at all. I would love to name and shame but you never know maybe they will help next year!

So now what? Well with the money that has been raised we can now deliver more projects and provide more children with shoes and aid and help them take small steps out of poverty and into education. A combination of the money raised and a very generous donation from Scott Dunn has also meant that we are going try and open a day centre on one of the dumps where we have already delivered projects, a safe place where parent scavegers can leave their children. In many countries their are provisions fior children over 6 but those under 6 there is not much eles to do apart from go to the dump with their parents, we want to find a solution to this because a landfill site ahould not be a creche!

We currently have researchers investigating sites in India and Cambodia and we are also looking to deliver more projects in Burma, The Philippines, Honduras and Brasil.

This is our interactive map where you can hovver over the countries to see where we have delivered projects already and where we will be delivering them next.

In January we have the Small Steps Project medics going back to the last dump we worked on in Chinandega dump in Nicaragua as the new medical centre will be up and running there at the end of November.

What’s new? We have the new Corporate Partner page, where you can see which companies have great corporate responsibility and give back to charity- us. We are always looking for more help so if your company wants to help please get in contact.

We also have the new project partner page, which gives you the details of all the projects that SSP has worked with or delivered projects in partnership with.

Coming soon we will have the SSP shop, where we will be seling DVDs of all the films, limited edition prints, and SSP jewellry and T shirts.

So if you want to get some Christmas presents where the money goes to people who have probably never had a christmas present in their life, it s a good place to start.

Anyway check out our get involved page if you want to take your own small steps here including our SSP clothing drive where you can send your children’s outgrown shoes and clothes and we will have it shipped to barefoot children on dumps.

There are so many things that can be done, no matter how small your step is, it does make a difference so make sure you take one.

Finally a massive thank you to all of you who made the event happen: Lucas Orme, Laura Lejano, Angela Humphrey, Yvonne Paul, Alex Smith, Jen Rolfe, Hannah Hughes, Rinchen Ato, Jade Caffor, Elena Kazamia, Celeste Morton, Emily Graham, Ed Rolfe… all the boys that did the lifting, the lights, the photography, the shoes, the donations. Well done. Your small steps made an amazing event.

No donation and aid money was spent on the event, don’t by blinded by the glitz, everything was donated or sponsored. We are not the sort of charity that actually spends any money on parties. This was a paid ticketed event. All our donations go to charity and those who need it. People on rubbish dumps.