The Celebrity Shoe Auction was a huge success!

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It’s that time of year again, when we can announce to the world how grateful we are for all the donors and bidders for the 2016 Celebrity Shoe Auction!

The total for this years auction was: £44,700/$55,226! 

A huge thank you to:

  • iHeart Studios for photographing all the shoes
  • Charity Stars for hosting the shoe auction
  • Everyone from the Small Steps Project family for making it happen
  • And of course; our lovely donors and bidders for raising so much money!

Collectively we all manage to make this years auction a huge success!

Here are our top 10 selling shoes:

Benedict Cumberbatch£4501
Ronnie Wood£2801
Emma Watson£2700
Ellie Rowsell£2050
Bill Nighy£2000
Neil Tennant£1472
Roger Federer£1356
Sir Tom Jones£1261
Brian May£1250

We can now continue our work on our projects in Cambodia, Laos and Romania. We will continue to support children and families to take a big step off the rubbish dumps and into education. We will supply aid, uniforms and comfort to those living in horrendous conditions.

Now that we are all gearing up for Christmas, and perhaps you didn’t manage to win any shoes in the auction. You can still donate to Small Steps Project and not only give to your own family this christmas but also your World Family – donate here

From the entire Small Steps Project family, in the UK and overseas, we would like to Thank You all for your generosity. And we hope you have a fantastic winter break.

Keep Smiling Everyone!