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So a massive thank you to Wilderness Festival who invited us up to Oxford to screen the second in the series of documentaries, Small Steps: Sihanoukville last week. This was a short follow up film that saw the SSP team return to Cambodia to see the impact of the last project in Phnom Penh and a whole new project in Sihanoukville.

ssp wilderness5

This will be up online after we have premiered the third fiklm Small Steps: Nicaragua at the Royal society of medicine on October 12th, at their 300 seater cinema. Tickets wents on sale last week and we have 100 left, so if you want tio see the film and attend the Live Celebrity Shoe Auction, email Ticket to

Talking of the Celebrity Shoes Auction, we have almost met our target of 80 pairs of shoes (one for every inhabited dump I have identified), we currently have 60 pairs and theyalmost cover my living room floor!

But if there are any celebrities out there or if you know someone or even just see a famous person in the street- please ask them to donate their shoes!

I have been really blown away by some of the celebrities who have gone out of their way to help, sending in their fav shoes, posing with them and sending in the snaps, many have written letters, added signed photos, and dvd’s and been generally lovely, I shan’t name names….

Oh yes I will! Joannna Lumely, Sienna Miller, Shgarleewn Spiteri, Helen Mirren. How fantastic to know that even some of the most famous people can take five minutes to do a photo opr write a note and use their profile to do somethjing good and give back. Really very impressive.


However I may not be a journalist any more but I still love a bit of celebrity gossip and I must say not everyone has been so giving, in fact some celebs have been down right rude and that is not to mention some of the awful publicists, agents and managent teams we have spoken to. I shan’t name any names….

Oh yes I will of course reveal who refused, who was the rudest, who had the rudest staff, who onkly cared about their only publicity and which well loved names love themselves much more than they care about children living in poverty on rubbish dumps. Wake up and smell the coffee, I say, some of my experiences have reminded me exactly why I run small steps instead of doing my old job.

And just to clarify, I have recived a lot of emails asking why I am giving celebrity heels to children on dumps and why are we having a party. Well lets set the record straight: The Celebrity Shoe Auction is ironic. It is to show how insane it is that one pair of shoe that belong to a famous person is worth so much and yet the lives and feet of children who live on rubbish dumps is worth so little. Well I am sayimng they are not. By Celebrities donating their shoes, it creates media attention which we can then shine on this outrageous situation, There are very small children scavenging on rubbish dumps and it must stop.

Of course we don’t give them the shoes! We auction the shoes and use that mopney to buy aid and shoes for children with nothing, giving them something which we hope will empower them and enable them to take small steps out of poverty.

Finally we are not having a party, we are having a fundraiser, where all the proceeds go to charity. Everyone who is working on the event does so for free, no one profits apart from those we are trying to help in other countries.

We will be holding the event at the Royal Society Of medicine who have kindly given us the venue to hold the evening and on top of that next week , Monday 5th the Small steps Photography exhibition by Lucas Orme goes up there too, so if you are in town, swing by Oxford Circus to One wimpole Street and take a sneak peak at the amazing prints on display.

Visit the website: London Celebrity Shoe Auction