We are distributing shoes in Uganda with the Shoe that Grows!

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Each year, Small Steps Project takes some love to the landfill for Valentine’s Day. From fingertips in our #Whereistheglove campaign last year in Paris for refugees to the tips of our toes this year, we will be doing a shoe distribution with Because International‘s The Shoe That Grows for children in Kampala’s landfill, Uganda. And even better than that, Because International are going to more than match fund each pair of shoes.

We have 500 children to provide shoes for. All we need you to do is buy 200, each for £10, and they will be matched + more to reach our target of 500!

So this year, why not show the person you love what it really means this Valentine’s Day and instead of a bunch of flowers or chocolates which will end up on landfill, buy a pair of Shoe That Grows for kids on landfill and we will give them out on Valentine’s Day!

HOW IT WORKS from Because International on Vimeo.