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Small Steps is project that is dedicated to helping children and families who live on rubbish dumps take small steps out of poverty. 100% of the donations we raise goes directly to those living in poverty.


We have assembled a small and dedicated team of volunteers and we all run Small Steps together. But the main players are you. All the people who have donated money, taken an interest, turned up at screenings of the documentary we made which led to all the direct action we are delivering now, to kids on dumps all over the world.

Many people ask about donations and where money goes and how costs are covered. The way we work is we ask different companies to sponsor different aspects of the project. We ask camera manufacturers to sponsor the equipment, airlines to sponsor the flights. Many members of the team have contributed their skills so we do not have to pay for them. All the fundraising and marketing is done by a group of people who want change. In this way and by different areas being sponsored by different companies, it means that when a someone donates money for aid, that is where the money goes, no where else and there aren’t many other charities who can say that.

Which brings me to this blog- Due to the incredible groundswell of support for this simple project, which puts shoes on the feet on kids on dumps worldwide and raises awareness of the appalling working and living conditions of these kids, I am able to start making my way around the world dump by dump, helping the kids that I find there.

This blog means I can continue the conversation with you while I do that. I am going to take you on the journey with me. You will be able to make suggestions, view images, short video out takes from our documentary film making process, and see how every single penny is being spent.

You will face the inevitable challenges with us along the way. I will also be introducing other great projects and NGO’s that might not get the same kind of publicity as other bigger charities, so you can support them direct. Thanks and see you Around the World in 80 Dumps!